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I’ve been doing some reading online about women in ministry, particularly the issue of women teaching in the church.  I’ve come upon some interesting articles that are worth sharing.  My opinion is that the verses in the NT that prohibit women from teaching(being pastors) have been interpreted by people who were reading scripture through “patriarchy-colored glasses”.  The assumption throughout history, until very recently, was that women were inferior to men, were feeble-minded and unable to learn as well or as much as men.  Therefore, how could a woman possibly teach a man?  It’s reasonable to think that the interpretation of scripture has been done with prejudice against women(similar to how scripture was used to justify the practice of slavery).  Here are some links to articles on the subject:

Reimagining a Woman’s Role in the Church  by Frank Viola(thanks to Sallie Borrink for this link.)

Junia and the Esv by Marg at New Life

Paul’s Policy on Women:  Three Key Questions


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