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This is the first in a series of quotes relating to women and the Church that I hope to share in the future…

In her book, Half the Church, Carolyn Custis James points out some uncomfortable truths about the American Church and it’s treatment of women:

Instead of addressing the wide range of questions and situations women are facing today, we focus mainly on marriage and motherhood, and that within a two-parent, single-income family.  We overlook all the other seasons of a woman’s life-which impacts every girl and adult woman and excludes entirely women whose lives follow a different path.  Our message has taken on a negative, defensive tone and doesn’t capitalize on the positive, life-affirming, kingdom nature of God’s message for women.”

~Half the Church, Carolyn Custis James


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I'm a homeschooling mom of two creative children. I created this blog to highlight the things I'm thankful for during my days. It can be a challenge to homeschool, but I try to look at the grace my children and I experience. And these kids come up with some neat projects, so I hope to encourage and inspire others who may be reading.

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  1. Is amazing all the hurted the Church has overlooked, Jesus tended to these people, I was watching a movie about Jesus last sunday, and I remember how one person told him why did he ate with tax collectors or prostitues and such, and he replied casue the healthy don´t need a doctor but the sick do and how he comes to heal the sick…and this post reminded me of His answer, the Church tends to the healthy , and preaches about the pink perfect housewife and how everything is perfect to the submissive wife and this and that…leaving out the hurted….and leaving out reality, women with minds, goals, or women who suffer abuse , single mothers, women who have husbands with mental illness, or women with mental illness themselves

  2. Exactly what I think she was getting at here. Our “Americanized” version of so-called “Biblical womanhood” is only for the prosperous, married, single-income westernized woman. It completely ignores the fact that most of the women in the world would never be able to attain it(so that means it can’t be “biblical/the only way”). But I’m willing to bet that the comp. leaders would say that all these women need are better male “leaders” in their lives and then everything would be a-ok! But in reality, what the oppressed and abused women in the world need is Jesus, and the freedom to make decisions about their own lives.

    • Amen, Jesus ,and free will somthing that God gave us that no one shoudl never take away,specially what is suppossed to be your partner…if God gave us free will and will not take it away how can some one come and force us to do anothers bidding?

  3. They are tecahing two masters Jesus and hsubands, I know about a book that suggested that even if their husbands told them to sin to obey that it was now in God´s hands….no one can have two masters, specially one agaisnt the other….Jesus and only Him is all you need, He is yoru Saviour, covering and mediator

  4. Many older, single/divorced childless Christian women have simply stopped going to evangelical churches. And the churches do nothing whatsoever to reach out to them or try to bring them back, because it’s so much easier and more comfortable when all the women in the church are married and/or with children.

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