The Prosperous Woman’s Responsibility


Harriet Tubman photo

Harriet Tubman ~ A courageous woman who took action:  she escaped slavery, returned to the South 19 times(putting herself in mortal danger) to lead an estimated 300 slaves to their freedom.



In our egalitarian society, some in the Church are still teaching women to submit to their husbands’ authority, and that women cannot be leaders, especially of men.

Across the globe, in a modern patriarchal society, a teenager who is gang-raped is told she should marry one of her attackers.  She then committed suicide.  Did this precious female soul need to hear a complementarian rendering of the Gospel, in which she would be taught that not only did Jesus die for her sins, but that female submission to male authority is a key tenet of that “gospel”?  Is that really what millions of women and girls suffering at the hands of male authority need to hear right now?  While some(not all!) prosperous, privileged American Christians go on about how wives should submit to their husband’s authority, that women are naturally followers of men, that our very faith will crumble to pieces if we don’t adhere to this teaching, atrocities against women and girls reign in the developing world.  What is really being accomplished by making the submission of women and exclusive male leadership a “gospel” priority??  It’s like we’re going backwards…women are finally able to work up to their full personhood in our society and some complementarians want to bring us back to “traditional values”.  Who knows how much untapped potential is wasted by trying to fit all women in the same mold?

It frustrates me to know that there are Christian women who have been taught that their highest calling is being a mother and wife.  Don’t get me wrong, being a wife and mother are invaluable, extremely important relationships.  I stay home so I can homeschool my children and I take it very seriously.  I also love doing it and I think I’m pretty good at it; but I know some women who have no desire to stay home with their children or homeschool.  Why oh why are young Christian women and girls being taught that their highest calling is being a wife and mother?  The Bible doesn’t teach it.  Men aren’t taught that being a husband and father are their highest calling, despite the fact that it’s no less important for men to be good husbands and fathers.  They’re taught to find their gifts and use them to serve God out in the wide world.  Women are told that their gifts are all to be used in being a housewives and mothers.  I believe women’s talents are being buried in this teaching, and as Carolyn Custis James says in her book, half the church is taught to hold back, be dependent, and are therefore unable to discover their strengths.  All of this is in the name of biblical womanhood, a teaching based on a few proof-texts.

I think we’re called to more.  Yes, I am a wife and mother.  I homeschool my children.  But I’m not a housewife(not married to a house), and I’m not a homemaker.  I don’t stay home so my husband and children can have a cleaning lady.  My purpose is to homeschool and I will do it until my kids graduate or homeschooling doesn’t work for us anymore, whichever comes first.  As for my free time, I am determined to use what God has given me, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with my family.  I feel no guilt about this.  It isn’t selfish.  Actually, I think it would be selfish NOT to pursue “non-family” interests, as I would be denying God’s call on my life.

All of this comes together as a challenge for us prosperous women.  There are women in the world, in our communities, country and across the globe who don’t have the choices we have.  People are abusing them, using them.  They don’t have the luxury to decide if they’re going to work or stay home with the kids.  These are the problems of the privileged, or as someone I know and love calls them, “first world problems”.  We are aware of what’s going on in our communities and in the world, and we have the resources to do something about it.  It’s our responsibility to act, even if it goes against what some are saying is right.  I’m certainly glad that Mary(Jesus’ mother) went against tradition and decided to obey God(without consulting her soon-to-be-husband first, by the way) and ended up pregnant before marriage, which was absolutely shameful at the time(Luke 1:26-38).  She had a part in bringing the living God to earth as a man.  We can have a part in God’s work, too, if we have the courage to take action.


About creativehomeschooler

I'm a homeschooling mom of two creative children. I created this blog to highlight the things I'm thankful for during my days. It can be a challenge to homeschool, but I try to look at the grace my children and I experience. And these kids come up with some neat projects, so I hope to encourage and inspire others who may be reading.

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  1. I like this Steph! And I agree, we spend way too much time worrying about “first world problems!” (I have been thinking about that A LOT lately) instead of focusing on what is calling each of us as individuals to do with our own hearts, lives and resources. Maybe if we just buckled down and listened to what God was telling each of us ourselves and stop worrying and judging so much about what everyone else is doing with their hearts, lives and resources, God could accomplish a lot more through all of us. And I am preaching to myself here too! I do appreciate your passion and care and concern for women. And I applaud you for following where your heart, life and resources are being led. We all need to let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit. Honestly that’s way too big a job for any of us to handle anyways! Hahaha.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Sara! And I’m so glad you’re finding your own passions and acting on them. I think it’s neat that the seeds for going to Haiti were growing in your mind at about the same time I was writing this post:) You go girl!

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