Gender Dynamics and Things That Don’t Make Sense


john piper

“The Bible really cares about the dynamic between men and women. It has nothing to do with a woman’s incompetency,” 
says John Piper.

Men are not superior, Piper said. “She is more competent than you [men] in most ways.” He said a wife could be smarter, more read, and know her Bible better than her husband. “This has to do with God’s created dynamic of what a man is and what a woman is in their gut with regard to the ballet of leadership and submission.”
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Men and women are different, you see.  So that means men lead, women follow.  John Piper says the Bible definitely supports this idea: the dynamic between men and women is so important, that men cannot follow women.  I thought the Bible was the story of God, a world full of sinful people in need of redemption, and God’s plan for their redemption in Jesus Christ.  But John Piper has turned it into a witness for gender roles.

The Bible doesn’t describe the differences between men and women, nor does it say anything about each gender pursuing femininity or masculinity.  It doesn’t say anything about roles based on gender.  The Bible says NOTHING about these things, yet Piper and some other complementarians have come to the conclusion that men are leaders and women are followers, end of story.  Piper says women shouldn’t teach men, a belief based on 1 Timothy 2: 11-15, the ONLY portion in the entire Bible that says anything of the sort, a series of verses that scholars admit is very difficult to interpret .  If women should never lead men, then the Bible should be consistent and clear on this point, which it isn’t.  The Bible does contain examples of women leaders, which should at least make one pause and reflect on the truthfulness of Piper’s teaching.  Back to the point…

John Piper says the dynamic between men and women is the reason women should never lead men.  Let’s bring this idea to its logical conclusion…let’s say there’s a woman who is a missionary, or perhaps she was born in a place where not many people have heard the gospel.  She becomes a Christian, studies the Bible and becomes very knowledgeable on the subject.  Let’s also say she is gifted in public speaking.  Wouldn’t it be reasonable for her to tell the men(and women, of course) around her about Jesus?  The people in her community are eager to hear what she has to say, so she starts teaching a mixed group of non-Christians about the Bible and people start getting saved.  She has become a leader of both males and females; she  has taught them and led them to the knowledge of Christ.  But wait…John Piper says that if a woman leads or teaches a man in this manner, it will compromise his masculinity.  In order to follow this logic, that means she made a mistake and must stop teaching men so their masculinity isn’t compromised.  The DYNAMIC of how men and women relate to each other is more important than spreading the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus.  This does not make sense.


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